A Narcissistical Mass Of Indulgence

mtv_logoOne of the English languages most exciting words is culture. The word cult on its own sounds almost as hard and cutting as that rather favourite profanity, that most East London shaven headed types regularly spit from their toothless mouths. Culture is indeed a smashing word, and one with such an important and enjoyable meaning, as it relates to every aspect of societies urges, because ultimately; understanding or observing the culture of a people, is similar to reading the ingredients on the back of a food carton, accept of course if you happen to live in England! Without horsing around my point any further (if you pardon the pun) what I am simply trying to say is that the culture defines the people. If you really wish to understand the youth of today; what they dream, what they live for. Simply, sit back in your arm chair and tune into MTV and prepare your mind; for you are about to embark on a journey, a dark twisted exhibition, full of violence and exploitation. You will soon learn, providing that you have any degree of education, that there is currently a virus plaguing the cultural defining industries, and that ailment, is greed.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato

Nicki-Minaj-Wonderland-TGJ2The music of the final decades of the 20th century as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, changed the world. It was almost as if the music was at a constant ten year switch; 60’s were completely different to 70’s as were the 80’s and 90’s. However, after the 00’s nothing has really moved forward. Good music is everywhere and nevertheless far more accessible thanks to the internet, but it’s not found to be at the top of the charts, why is this? Instead there, we find that the youth of today are sold no longer on up lifting tunes about love, happiness, courage and friendship. Instead it’s all about the money money money, objectifying women and promoting a dog eat dog narcissistic attitude of mass indulgence. The glorification of being a criminal or a hustler is the running theme of most top ten music videos in current circulation, and to be completely honest, it’s not surprising.


Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.

Erich Fromm


skate 3Almost 60% of young adults drop out of school each year, many of them don’t care, nor do they understand the values of such an education, because why would they? Making money can be done far quicker if you aspire to be a criminal. First of all what these teenagers don’t realise is that what they are actually being sold into is in fact romance. Everyone wants an adventurous lifestyle, most of us; sit at home, have jobs, raise kids and blah blah blah. Where is the romance in that? The reason that these types of lifestyles appeal to young children is because it’s exciting. The education system has a lot to learn if it wants to get these kids away from the allure of quick bucks and expensive parties where the champagne flows like lemonade at a nine year olds birthday party! The easiest way to go about this is make school interesting and appealing for young adults. Art classes can focus on graffiti or even sports can incorporate skateboarding, and English class, Rap Music! Regardless of the changes that many schools across the world have already started to introduce, the culture of the western youth has lost its way, and is perhaps past saving. Certainly our rebellious nature to outdo what may have been done previously, at a constant rate of bettering the generation before with extremity, is surely an accelerator that needs to be grounded to a halt. But who is responsible for all of this? Is it the artists that create the music? The producers that tell them that this “type” of music sells? So is it the people that buy it, and if so, why? When one ponders these notions it soon becomes clear that the real underlining problem is not the school systems that are set in place; it’s capitalism, and the overwhelming feeling, of wanting power.

Capitalism has destroyed our belief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force. George Bernard Shaw

The Occupy Movement spread around the world faster than the ascent of a Dubai skyscraper! The movement won the awareness that hope for a unified utopia, is in fact not lost. There are a group of people, all of whom are educated in the knowledge that capitalism is the core root of almost every problem we face as a society. However, there is an even bigger problem, we have no idea what we would replace it with, and people are far too attached to their big houses and fancy lives to think otherwise. Small changes here and there can help; certainly to move people in the right direction! But providing that the super rich exist, there will always be greed. Perhaps the Music industry, in order to cope with the losses of money that its currently making from downloads, will start to look at new talent, and maybe even artists that sing an altogether different tune..

I come to you as a man with no agenda, it brings me sadness to see us all surrender, we’ve set our expectations so low, that any talentless sell out can have their own show. Antix

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14 thoughts on “A Narcissistical Mass Of Indulgence

  1. This is beautifully written. I agree with you, and I pray for a brokenness of spirit that will teach the next generation respect and love for each other that is lacking today.

  2. Well said and something I ponder a lot myself. Is the next generation beyond saving? Is this flurry of technology in fact a terrible evil, as opposed to something with the promise of a shared experience. There’s been some signs of positives, tv shows about high school youth have gone from being about the cool kids bullying the nerds, to the nerds being the cool kids. Although I think this is more the “deciders” in the studios thinking that nerds can be the next cool “product” they can sell.

    The thought of trends is always interesting. I imagine a fashion guru or whatever they are called will see someone considered deeply unfashionable in the street, and then return to their studio and say “eureka, I’ve found the next big thing”. So the very uncool suddenly become cool. And then some people will say they were doing it before it was cool. Aaaah the hipster, a modern phenomenon that doesn’t know what it is.

    The media and corporations will aways control what we like, and it’s up to us to have our own free will. Unfortunately there’s far too many out there, who just don’t have such a luxury.

    • I can see at surface level people might not agree, however rap music is only as good as its content, take for example poetry, some verse is as explicit as 50 cent rapping about hoes etc.. Rap is poetry and expression regardless of the content.

      • Only the really famous rap is that junk we all hear about. The low key underground variety is normally poetry about beauty and life and love spoke in a beat to a beat. We teach poetry in our classes, do we not? That is what pure rap is.

  3. Quite true. Agree with many of the things you say. However, I also have a deep and abiding faith in human ingenuity. I am sure our parents worried as much about us being a lost generation. And their parents before that. We need to keep doing the little right things in our own spheres.

  4. Well argued. I do feel however that societies do instinctively innovate cultural change, taking the opportunities presented as they become available. The key to supplanting capitalism, lies in defining exactly how the replacement mechanism creates wealth to distribute. Command economies have never been successful historically as efficient wealth generators and just like capitalism have favoured the few, the ruling elites. Capitalism may not be the problem, rather resting control of the mechanism from the minority who profit exponentially may be the key. Control the machine and you can drive it anywhere.

  5. Not all youngsters are sitting in front of MTV rotting their brains, fortunately.
    Jazz was supposed to be the end of civilization, but now it’s old people’s music, so I guess that rap will go the same way eventually. Dominator culture is a problem, though – the poor and powerless don’t have a lot of choices.

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  7. I think it is a mistake to say that all youth are like that. I had a very firm group of friends in highschool that was always chatting about books, (not teen thrillers like Twilight, thank goodness), art, and fun. We couldn`t care less about that other stuff. That is because we had adults in our lives that treated us like smart adults that could think, and we chose to live up to their expectations. That`s the key with all human interaction, but so many forget it with the ‘scary youth’. No wonder they follow pop icons, if those are the only people in their lives that don`t treat them like a disease, and instead embrace them!

  8. There are parts of this blog that speak my mind and as I read more into it. If you don’t get fresh gene in your bloodline than expect your family tree to grow no more than a garden shrub. I don’t blame parents either as they are stuck in rut to pay bills, I don’t blame teachers as they always go out of the way to help and sometimes restrict themselves. I don’t blame government nor do I blame the company you keep. I believe we all are made with one tiny flaw which over the years expands itself and that is the cause of one’s end. I mean it. Everyone is flawed. My dearest Father (may he RIP) was alcoholic and now he is no more. My neighbor is insecure person and has been divorced 3 times. I myself am unorderly sometimes and I believe this shall be my end. The moral is…..Every one has to go. So they are born with a fate in such a way that will give them a reason to exit or else there will be a pool of people with no bad habits or screw ups, living for more than the average life span like immortal GODs. (Sorry!! too long a thought but was very moving post.)

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