The Fog Filled Minds Of The socially Cursed

geek Lets be honest, we all have them, don’t we? Those that with the simple utter of a spoken word, delivered at a pitch to avoid the chance of not being heard; had it not for the ridiculous parties stereo pumping those god awful beats! Yet through their social curse, they struggle tremendously to gauge the exact level, and their cumbersome voice bellows with an uncomfortable awkwardness across the heavily packed room. The atmosphere suddenly thickens to a density that could only ever be cut by the sharpness of the daggers, you now find yourself met with from your fellow party guests.“For whatever possessed you to extend an invitation to such a strange fellow?” You instantly come to your geeky chums defense, with an obviously poorly delivered “pretend giggle” aka – The he was only joking laugh. You sympathize why they’re upset, nevertheless despite his two left feet, biscuit crumb textured jumper and wallet fitted with loose change section protected with a sturdy brass zipper, there is what many would label, an utter genius. However it is this academically charged badge that we allow to be pinned on such types that could easily be the reason why our government is, and continues, to fail the understandings of the everyday, everybody else’s.

Solutions are not the answer. Richard Nixon
"Hey chaps, let's go and fuck up the country what"

“Hey chaps, let’s go and fuck up the country what”

I am a great fan of people deserving the lives that they lead, however I am often confused and pushed into a corner of complete bewilderment when I learn that a social retard is the head of the labour party. Nevertheless I am the fool, as all politicians are pretty much out of touch with the rest of us and to think otherwise, as many of my yank friends would say, would be wack! Privately educated they are conditioned into a world of elitist thinking, trained in the art of political language, which one of my all time favorite writers once quoted, that such language is designed to make lies truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. Speaking of wind, Edward Miliband is a favorite of mine, simply because he’s considered to be extremely smart – In 1972 he took up a post at Leeds University as a Professor of Politics and in the early part of the 2000’s (or naughties, I have no idea what we call this decade, the ones or tens perhaps?) he became a Harvard professor, teaching economics while on a sabbatical from British Politics. Clearly a very gifted man, with a CV that’s worthy of any party leader, or even, Prime Minster.

The British Constitution has always been puzzling and always will be. Queen Elizabeth II

queenparliamentHowever, in the later part of 2012 the Queen gave her yearly address to parliament, which is televised in the UK by those who say “hey we always stand on the fence” smug faced gits over at that ridiculous place called White City, where you’ll find over a thousand Moby lookalikes aka men who don’t need glasses fashioning them, people talk at you with their eyes closed, and black people are forced to high five white guys. During this broadcast, dear old Ed, only moments after the queen had finished her address, naively turns to his nemesis and fellow pudding faced, bitter rival for the “real” throne, and says “are we supposed to clap?”

It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. Robert Green Ingersoll

Understanding the world and its people is a life long practice, that can only really be taught by being a real human being, and take the time out from your life to understanding the common man. I have often thought that if a politician wanted to rule (or run should I say!) a country that requires you to get votes by normal everyday people, then surely you would muck in with the common man? Go and work a few months down the mine, go and porter at a hospital, go and work in a mundane call centre, or really push the boat out and train as a prison officer in an attempt to understanding the criminal mind. Get to know the people and the problems that they face. The labour party is as much of a joke as the basic PR point system that it currently expedients. “the government is going to say this, so we are going to say that we will do the exact opposite”. When we had the hung parliament in the last general election, imagine for a moment, the amount of respect that Nick Clegg would have engaged, had he said that he wouldn’t team up with the conservatives. They wanted extremely different polices, nevertheless they rolled over on such issues, simply to be part of the hand that binds the rest of us.
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3 thoughts on “The Fog Filled Minds Of The socially Cursed

  1. I am fairly sure you are one of those geniuses…some of them do actually know how loud to speak at a party. I am convinced some of the smartest people rarely speak if only because they know how dumb the rest of us sound when we open our mouths. I love the way you write!

  2. I’m pretty certain that I am one of those “socially cursed” of which you write, although I am not a politician, nor from your side of the pond… so to speak.
    I enjoy your writing style.
    BTW, thanks for Following by my Blog. I hope I don’t disappoint you.

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